Data export

There are two ways to export your data from the Enode Pro app, the first option (Spreadsheet Optimized) is available to all users and the second (Optimized for import), is only available to Enode Pro+ users.
First hit the export button at the bottom of the menu:

For the spreadsheet export you will need to make sure to select at least one metric, exercise and exercise, you can of course choose more if you want to. Then select the timespan for the exported data. You will need to make sure that workouts took place within the timespan, otherwise no data will be available to export:

Once you have selected the content and the timespan, hit the export button in the top right-hand side of the export screen. You will then be given options of what to do with the file. If you have a spreadsheet app on your device, you can directly select the app to open the file. If you want to send the document to a computer, then you can use Airdrop for Mac or email the file to yourself. 

For the interface export, you only need to enter a timespan. The app will then perform a flat data export of everything between those two dates.
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