Managing your available stations

There are 2 possible reasons why you may be denied access to the Enode Pro app:

  • Available Stations In Use: Your available stations are all already in use. In most cases, this is 2 because that is the number available to each user by default or more depending on what you have booked with your Enode Pro+ subscription.
  • Illegal Access Attempt: You get a message that this is an illegal access attempt, and you have to delete an active session from another account first that has an active session with this device. Often, users are not aware that the app was used with another account before. However, there is no other way for this message to show up. In this case, we can sometimes only help to a limited extent, since usually only the user can know which accounts can potentially have been used on the device. If you are really stuck, you can contact support, and we will try to find a solution together.

Solution 1: If you still have access to a mobile device where you can enter the Enode Pro app:

  • Go to the side menu > Management > Devices in the Enode Pro app.
  • Long press or left swipe on the device you want to “kick” out of your account. Your data on the other device will, of course, remain intact as long as no other account is being used with that device or the app is getting deleted.

Solution 2: If you cannot access another device:

  • Please go to our website and log into the account whose sessions you want to delete. Visit Enode Account.
  • There you will find a button labeled “Clear sessions”. Click it and all your sessions for that account will be cleared.
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