Special considerations of Trap Bar Deadlifts

There are several variants of trap bars (sometimes also called hex bars). Depending on which variant is used for training, different settings must be made in the exercise definition. In the following, 2 variants are considered to illustrate the problem in more detail.

The fact that this is a deadlift-like exercise ensures that we always recommend using the included strap here. This absorbs impacts on the sensor. If problems occur, watch for the whistle icon to appear in the Direct Feedback View.

Variant 1: Trap bar with space on the middle axis

If, as illustrated, the sensor can be placed on the middle axis of the bar, you should do so. With this method of attachment, barbell can be selected as the equipment in the exercise definition.

Variant 2: Trap bar without space on the middle axis

If, as shown in the illustration, the sensor cannot be placed on the middle axis of the bar. In the exercise definition, the Hex bar equipment should be selected in this case. Otherwise, repetitions may not be reliably recorded. The sensor has certain expectations for an exercise declared as a barbell exercise, which the exercise may not be able to fulfill at any given repetition. More specifically, this relates to skewing of the sensor, which would be abnormal for a barbell movement. A similar issue can also occur with Landmine Press, for example.

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