Creating an exercise

The app comes with a set of exercises already in the exercise library, but it is also possible to create your own. Head to the management menu and select Exercises, and then tap on the + in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

All exercises that you manually create in the Vmaxpro library must be derived from one of the initially provided exercises. For this example, I will create a rack pull. First, tap on Select exercise to derive from. We will select Deadlift for this example.

Now we can add some details. If you are only changing the equipment being used, you can make the change in the equipment section and hit save. If your exercise is a variation of the derived exercise you can add the name to the variation box. We will head to the description and add Rack Pull as the Alias because we are giving this a completely new name, but the alias box should be used sparingly. Then, select the Range as 3 Quarters. If you would like to, you can go into much more detail within the variations section by changing details such as the Equipment, Grip Style, Stance, and options for unilateral movements. You will notice in step 4 that I chose to put the name in the variation box, so rack pull will be shown as a deadlift variation.

The last step is to tap Save, and then your new exercise will show up in the exercise library. It is now ready for you to use in your workouts.

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