Account management

The Management menu gives you access to multiple options for your account. The first tab is the Scope tab, and this will give you an overview of your organization. This screen will automatically be updated when you add, admins, coaches, or groups to your account.

The You tab allows you to enter a username and add a pin code if you would like one. It also enables you to give access to other athletes, coaches, admins, or groups on the device you are currently using. If access is granted, those people will only be able to see data related to themselves or their specific athletes, and their login will be shown on the locked screen.

To add an admin or a coach, tap on the relevant option in the management menu and tap the + in the top right corner. Enter their name and contact email address. An admin can be assigned Coaches, Groups, and Athletes. A coach can only be assigned Groups or Athletes. Once an Admin or Coach profile has been created, it is possible to change their role and also give them the option to log in on their own device.

The athlete menu, like that of an admin or a coach, first shows you an overview of who is in your system. Tap the + button as usual to create a new athlete. An athlete can be assigned groups and can also be offered the chance to log in on their own device. This feature can be handy if they train away from the normal group for some reason.

The group menu allows you to put athletes together, in use cases such as training groups or classes, athletes can be added to multiple groups at the same time. This makes scheduling large numbers of athletes much simpler, and local access to devices can be given. You can add a group name, a color, so it's quickly found when planning, and also a pin code if you want to add one. Then, select all the athletes that you would like to be in that specific group.

The last section is the device section. Here you can see what devices are linked to your account and can log out if necessary by long pressing on the device you would like to remove (right-click if using a compatible laptop or computer). 

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