Training settings

To begin training, first select a viewing method, the options available will vary depending on what version of Enode Pro you are using. There are then multiple options. You can create a workout on the fly, select a pre-made workout, or in this example, we will select a scheduled workout.

Select the workout that you want to begin, choose the athletes that will be taking part, and then tap on Connect Sensor.


As you enter the training screen, you will be greeted with a screen that looks a little like this. In the top left will be the athletes that are taking part in the current session. You can tap on each image of the athletes to select whose turn it is to perform a set. In the bottom left will be a window where you can adjust the current weight, and as you train, weight suggestions will be given here as the app analyses your performance. On the right of the screen are performance metric charts. These will be shown after a set is complete. You can add or remove charts before or during the workout. 

In the bottom left side of the screen, there are multiple symbols allowing you to select different options for your training session. Starting from the right of this menu bar is the option to change the minimum distance. This allows you to set a distance that the sensor moves without recording, this helps to avoid recording every movement as a rep. The speaker symbol allows you to choose what the system speaks out during the set, for example, rep count. 


The four squares give you options on what metrics you see as you perform a set. Metrics can be added or removed at any time during the workout by tapping the + icon. The camera icon is where you can sync the camera from your device. This enables video feedback and synchronization of bar tracking. The metrics that are visible while recording video can be edited within this screen by again, tapping the + symbol.

While performing your sets, the screen will show whatever metrics you decided in the beginning. You can finish a set manually by dragging the metric window down or, the set will auto-complete dependent on how you defined the exercise in your workout (e.g., rep count reached, or velocity drop reached).  The whistle at the top of the screen indicates when the sensor is ready to record a rep.

After the set is complete, you will return to the main training screen. Here you can see the metrics for your set along with the technical analysis. In the middle on the left-hand side may be suggestions for a new load, if you tap on this, it will adjust the weight suggestion for the next sets. You can decide to ignore this if you wish. If you head into the technique analysis tab, you can tap on each individual rep at the bottom of the screen to analyze every rep individually. You will also notice that there is a clock in the bottom left of the screen, this is a rest clock that automatically starts at the end of your previous set.

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