Solve Bluetooth connection issues

Remove cases with metallic components, as these can sometimes lead to significant range restrictions.

Case 1: I can't connect at all. 

1. Make sure the sensor is charged.
2. Place the sensor and mobile device relatively close together (less than 10 cm). In doubt, basically let the sensor touch the device while the app is searching for it. It might be necessary to place the sensor very close to the upper part of the smartphone with devices from Huawei, Samsung or perhaps others.
3. Make sure that the device named "VMP" is not connected in Android Bluetooth settings. If it is, disconnect it and make sure it doesn't reconnect.
4. Make sure that the app is allowed to access your "localization services". This is necessary for a Bluetooth connection.
5. Make sure Location services and/or GPS is activated.
6. If you still can't connect within the app, turn Bluetooth off and back on again.
7. If you still can't connect within the app, restart the device.

Case 2: The connection is broken or unstable.

Due to Bluetooth chips used mostly in cheaper devices, some devices cannot connect to an Enode Sensor and a Bluetooth speaker/headphones at the same time. Bluetooth devices that use sound tend to use up to 100% of the available bandwidth. Android as an operating system does its part. A solution is to disconnect all other Bluetooth devices. You can also try to connect the speaker/headphone after connecting the Enode Sensor first.

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